Reggae / Dub Dancehall (UK)

KINGS HI-FI - A new breed of UK sounds

Kings Hi Fi is a sound system and collective based near Brighton and London playing an eclectic blend of reggae music, delivered in a unique style. They are always ready to entertain their audience delivering a musical and sound experience with a selection of artists, dubplates and original tracks varying from Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep, Dub, Jungle, Hip Hop and Bass music. Having emerged out of the Brighton reggae scene Kings Hi Fi have played both nationally and internationally throughout a wide spectrum of venues and audiences ranging from free parties, to mainstream club sessions and festivals. With the launch of Don Zebby’s old foundry studios in 2012 and King bracket & Bushdoctor’s side project Bracket Records in 2013 the talented Fleck and Bluehill have joined the crew and the members are busy working on the next releases recording there new blend of sweet reggae dub music inspired by Dubstep, Breaks and Jungle as well as holding a residency and providing there heavyweight sound system for the Love Kulture Project events.



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Don Zebby
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