Reggae (Slovenia)

RAGGALUTION - The new reggae band outta Slovenia

Raggalution is a band from Kranj, Slovenia, dedicated to creating their own unique interpretation of reggae music. The seven musicians are bonded by a great love and respect for the tradition and message of the Jamaican musical genre, but Kranj is a long way from Kingston and, staying true to their roots, the band creates music quite different than what is traditionally thought of as Reggae. Since releasing their debut album Mask of Liberty in late 2013 Raggalution have taken their brand of reggae as far south as Greece, as far north as the Czech Republic, and most places in between. They have played on some of the region’s bigger stages, like the Sziget festival in Hungary and Overjam International Reggae Festival in Slovenia. 



Mak Sever - Bass
Luka Bedene - Vocal
Pavel Čebašek - Drums
Žiga Fazarinc - Guitar
Jure Grahek - Keyboards
Leon Slabe - Trumpet
Jernej Jenko - Percussions

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