Reggae - Dancehall (Italy)

PAKKIA CREW - The Green Family outta Rome

Pakkia Crew "The Green Family" was born in Rome in 2007 with the intention of disseminating and promoting Jamaican music. Their inspiration is varied: from the classic Jamaican sound systems to European sounds that have made history in the last decade. The crew is formed by MCs Pietro Felix and Mattia aka Matthewand the selectors Anamix, Niko and Adriano. Their sound caters to different aspects of Jamaican music culture and all black music, with the addition of precious remixes and dubplates. Since 2010, in Rome, they have run the session Moovin ' in the popular Intifada social centre and promote events with artists such as Villa Ada Posse, Sud Sound System, Brusco, General Levy, Chuck Fenda, Junior Kelly, Sizzla, Steel Pulse, Gappy Ranks, Shaggy, Beenie Man and many others. They have performed in the most prestigious yards in Italy and abroad in Slovenia and Spain.



Pietro Felix
Aodry aka "The Green Family"

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