Reggae / Dub Jazz (Serbia)

ZAA - ska/dub/punk/jazz from Serbia

Band ZAA was founded in the end of February
in the year 2008 in Krusevac.
They have had more than 200 performances 
in cities throughout the former Yugoslavia, and
t hey also performed in Austria, Czech Republic 
and Hungary.
 From the critics they were rated as „concert
attraction“, and they are recognizable by their
 original and energetic performances, which are 
characterized by distinct dance rhythms in combination with skillful improvisation. And regarding
 their unique sound, it’s characterized by
 authentic musical genres which represent the 
crossover between the variety of styles from 
ska music and dub, to post-rock jazz and 
punk, and that is what makes ZAA unique.
 In the very beginning of their carrier they have 
made a significant success, by winning the third
 prize on Demofest in Banja Luka (2009), as in
the year later they have made it to the regional
 finals of the prestigious European festival 
 The band has performed in numerous festivals
 in Serbia, like Exit, Supernatural, Arsenal fest,
 Nisville, Love fest, Reggae Serbia fest, and 
amongst the numerous performances in the 
region, the ones standing out are: Pung art and
 Overjam festivals in Slovenia, Skopje Design 
Week and Bitola Open City festivals in Macedonia, 
Lake fest in Niksic, Duka fest in Banjaluka,
 NGOM festival in Prizren, Skaville festival in
 Sibenik, and performances in “Dom sportova” in



Sanja Vučić - Vocals,
Ivan Đokić - Guitars,
Tomislav Ilić - Bass,
Zlatko Petković - Drums,
Zoran Vasić - Keyboards,
Nikola Stanojević - Trombone,
Borivoje Đorđević -Saxophone

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