Reggae / Dub Dancehall (Germany)

RIDERSTRIBE - 4ward more music up, more vibes up, more power up

Based in Munich Riderssound is a strictly conscious Rastafari-Movement inspired soundsystem. Our music collection covers more than just all styles and vibrations of roots, reggae and dancehall music. Our selection contains music with positiv message and sounds of harmony with all its infinit sources.

Starting in 2003 playing with our soundsystem and doing our own dances in the backyard of munich which became famous . We were running country and town and spreaded our wings and vibes all over bavaria. On our journey the sound did grow and changes took place...
2005 The Humble Kids became a part of the Riders Tribe. A singers-crew of 5 young men spreading words sounds and powers.
2006 Riderssound won a sound-clash and same time took their rightful place in Germany´s reggae scene.
2009 selectress Sista Tina Rider found her place as a soundmember.
Finally Jabbar from the Riders Tribe joined Riderssound as entertainer and MC of the sound.

Riderssound is organization member of the Riding Higher Benefiz Festival. Running three regular dances by now of which Basskafe´- Offbeat Corner is founded by Riderssound in 2010.
Just to name a few artists we had the pleasure to work with on the concerts and shows we did: Earl Sixteen, Dub Inc., Ossie Gad, Prince Alla, Wayne Smith, Fitta Warri, Naptali, Raldo Asher, Asher Selector, a.s.o.



Jay Rider aka. J-Roc: DeeJay & MC
Jahcoman: MC & Singer
Sebo Rider: Selecta & The founding father of Riderssound

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