Dub (Croatia)

MUNCHIES - Munchies SoundSystem is a humble sound from Pula

Munchies SoundSystem is a newborn humble sound from Pula (HR). This project started by the end of 2013 when 2 friends, FIlip and Zoki, moved in together in Triest (Italy) to study and discovered their common love and passion for reggae and dub culture.
After they collected a bunch of vynils they decided to build their own
soundsystem (with the help from Warrior Charge and Rockers Dub Master) to spread the positive dub vibes around Istria and further.

They are influenced by 90's Dub, extreme echo and bass, spiritual, joyful and Uplifting sounds of the suburban. Though they are still young they promise strong bass frenquencies that will always bash the wicked out of the yard keepin the people on an IRIE meditation.



Udruga "SUB" Pula

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