Dub (Italy)

ROCKERS DUB MASTER FT. D-VIBE - Spreading roots rock reggae ina each one teach one style!!!

Rockers Dub Master Sound System was born on 2007 in Trieste (Italy) with our volition to spread, without any preference of culture and creed, vibration and consciousness of different types of such rockers reggae, roots, even the most modern selections dubwise.
The crew has worked with various artists national / international including OBF, Digitron, Vibronics, Shalamanda Hi Fi, Warrior Charge, Rise and Shine, Imperial Sound Army, Channel One, Wicked Dub Division, Moa Anbessa, Dubbletrack, Dubass, etc. .. and also was present at “Heartical Vibes 5”, and resident sound system at Overjam International Festival.
Currently we have a sound system with 6 sux scooper home-built 4-way preamp, delay, siren, heavy amplifiers and everything you need to push loud and clear the message of peace, love, respect and harmony inna each one teach one style.



Liuk Train & Cristian - selecters
D-Vibe - MC
Andread - producer

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