Roots Reggae (Serbia)

JAHMESSENJAH - Roots reggae music from the heart

Jahmessenjah Sound is officially established in 2002 in heart of Serbia, town called Gornji Milanovac. With their works and enthusiasm Jahmessenjah Sound contributed so much to the spread of this noble music and culture throughout the whole Ex-Yugoslavia. They have organized a lot of good concerts and parties in Gornji Milanovac with the guests like: Donald Minott (Jamaica/USA), Wayne McArthur (United Kingdom), Errol Bellot (United Kingdom), Rivah Jordan (United Kingdom), Webcam Hi-Fi (France), Danny Ranks (Austria), El Condorsito (Chile), U-Cee (Egypat), Damalistik “Roots Survival” (France), Asher Selector (Switzerland), Ras Victory (Trinidad), Irie FM (Serbia), Dub Rebelion (Bosnia & Hercegovina), Conquering Lion (Tetovo) and many many more...For a last three years they are the residents and co-organizators of "Montenegro Sun Reggae Festival" as well as the founders of their own "Natural Mystic Festival" that tooks place in Jahmessenjah Sound hometown...Their favorite gigs are the traditional long-term visits to "Trenchtown" festival in Subotica and as the greatest stand out the performances at festivals like Exit, Reggae Serbia, Overjam, Jungle Flash, SamoReggaeStan, Ritual, Regeneracija Dunava, Vodova, Revolution... This Sound never refused to visit any place or any promoter and because of that in recent years they were cordially socialized with so many people throughout Serbia and the rest of Balkan. For all these years Jahmessenjah Sound built their distinctive "Roots" style of musical expression but also at their parties you can hear all subgenres of Reggae music...Generelly Roots Reggae Music is deep in their hearts !!!



Miloš Zurovac + crew

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