Reggae Dub (Italy)

QWERTY DUBS - Digital dubs with saxophone live

Qwerty Dubs is a soundsystem music project ran by Meek, a versatile musician, producer and selecter from Trieste, Italy. He had been involved in the roots reggae culture many years ago when the local roots band called 'Wisdom Tree' asked him to join on bass. This was the start of a wide journey into history and styles, music and culture. His producions shifted to a digital dub style marked by a strong emphasis on musical tones & harmonies, always oriented towards a positive message and upful moods. Alongside saxophonist JJ, the vocal twin duo Mufajah and the roaring lion D-Vibe he will perform at Overjam 2017 in a live showcase presenting some of the latest works.



Meek - producer / selecter JJ - sax

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