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JAHKLIN SELECTA - Jamcoast generation

Jahklin Selecta lives in Slovenia (Southeast Europe) in a small coastal town Koper.
Since childhood he liked music and started to play guitar. In a couple of years his interes changed and he got involved into a local
Roots Reggae/Digital/Dancehall/ragga jungle crew called Jamcoast. Their purpouse is to spread freedom, love, equality and positive energy to people with their selection of music and performances. His first public appereance was in 2011 with close friends Freedom Fighters. From then he's a constant member of a still growing crew Jamcoast.
Now he is trying to spread the reggae message in his local area and further. Looking for new collaborations and people willing to make shows in Slovenia and abroad.
Collaborations: Freedom Fighters Sound, Total Destruction Sound, Kalambasstik Sound, Dubsystem Sound, Dj PeteRoots Dj Verso, Rockers Dub Master Soundsystem, Dj Bombo, Mr. Skavillage & Vivi Selectress, Max RubaDub, TminTafari Sound Etc.,
and also collaborating with Overjam International Reggae Festival on Beach Yard.
Maximum respect to each and everyone!



Jahklin - selecta

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