Roots Reggae (Croatia)

BRAIN HOLIDAYS - Croatian Roots Reggae Band

Brain Holidays are band from Zagreb, Croatia founded in 2000. They have three studio albums; "Stereo Roots", "Save Peace Babylon Delete" and the third album is called "System Error". Brain Holidays win in competition for young reggae hopes in organization of Rototom festival in 2005. and they also played on Rototom in the same year. The past 18 years they have countless appearances in all different kind of festivals. Topics that are interwoven through the song Brain Holidays vary from love until the current economic problems, but with music that is based on positivity everyday. They have experience in various spheres of music, today created together epitaph dedicated to modern Babylon and its future decline. Positive vibrations, as an essential part of reggae music, sort of a leitmotif of the band and that the good and bad times spread cheerfulness and open arms to all people of good will.
Crude Croatian everyday life through "System Error" is embedded in the Jamaican musical direction, while they shifted the rules of our system and the dominance of negative information just some of the topics that create new album of Brain Holidays. Their author arrangements encourage thinking and complexity of content "System Error" still offer simplicity worldview. 



Marko Gaćina - lead vocal, guit.
Tea Anzulović - back voc.
Tena Starčević - back voc.
Domagoj Tafra - guit.
Tomislav Skoblar - bass
Borna Puente - drums
Ivan Perković - trumpet
Vanja Ileković - sax
Magda Mas - keys

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