Dub (Italy)

WARRIOR CHARGE SOUND SYSTEM - Resident Dub Sound System of Overjam 2018

Warrior charge is a dub sound-system born in 2006 from previous projects and its roots are in the punk/libertarian & do it yourself communities.
Its aim is to spread out a positive and rebellious message, cooperate with other sounds, musicians and people to make this world a little better, Warrior Charge plays for passion not fashion and you can hear its red boxes at alternative places, squatted centers, nice clubs and at the main festivals.
Since do it yourself is our "roots and culture", the sound-system is self-built with the purpose to give justice to the heavy rhythms of dub music.
In these first 10 years Warrior Charge played a lot of dances, organized parties and festivals and shared the stage with some of the most respected and active names in the dub world as well as breaking musical barriers and work alongside players of other stuff who share the same vibe of freedom and bass. The sound-system joined some of the best italian and european festivals as well, and can't wait to bring its message and vibration everywhere in this wicked world!
Always ready to dub down babylon!



David - selecter, sound manager
D-Vibe - MC

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