Reggae Dub (Serbia)

JAHMESSENJAH - Soundsystem dedicated to the promotion of Reggae music and Rastafari culture

Jahmessenjah Sound is officially established in 2002 in the heart of Serbia, town called Gornji Milanovac with serious intension to promote Reggae Music and Rastafari Culture...With their works and enthusiasm they contributed so much to the spread of this noble music and culture in Serbia as well throughout the whole Balkan region...
For all these years Jahmessenjah Sound built their distinctive "Roots" style of musical expression with live microphone, which emphasized them as one of the most consistent sound in Balkans and helped them to gain a huge respect from the collegues...People can hear more than 200 dubplates coming from Jahmessenjah Sound box , lots of vinyl selections and carefully picked conscious tunes from all subgenres of Reggae music... But, the original „Roots Reggae Sound“ is deep in their hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ 



Yerromonah, Trapatoni, Rajahman & Papa Red

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