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SELECTA IRAY - Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats & more !

Creativity, innovation and a lot of dedication. This is the formula with which Selecta Iray is touring from Dancehall to
Dancehall. The title of “Selecta” instead of “DJ” was therefore chosen intentionally. It means to have a strong focus on the
selection of the music in the first place. Therefore Selecta Iray manages to convince with a fine chosen
selection of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Afro Beats – well fused with recent Urban-Tunes, Latin Hits and refreshing
hostings on the microphone – and has established himself as one of Switzerland’s leading and most versatile DJs in the area of Caribbean Music. Doing his first steps in a few of the smaller Clubs in Lucerne, Selecta Iray catched the scene by storm and managed to bring Caribbean Music back to the bigger Clubs and on the larger stages. By doing that Iray proved himself not only as an able DJ, but also as an Event Promoter, Concert Organizer and patron of several new Artists (such as Smiley NL, Sille CH, Etobasi CH, Bondaa CH, Scrappy UK, Basement Roots CH), of whom he also accompanies/accompanied a few as Tour Manager and Backing-DJ all over Switzerland. To round up Iray’s non-musical Activities, he launched an official “Reggae-Beer” called Uppressor’s Ginjah Ale combining the Dancehall Hotness and the Reggae Sweetness in one sip. It’s available on selected events.
In 2014 Selecta Iray was the first DJ in Switzerland to start the official “Soca Fever”, accompanied by several Events which focused exclusively on Soca Music. ”Catch a Soca Fever” - A Slogan with which he managed to finally bring the Caribbean SOCA Music back to the Clubs in the German parts of Switzerland, especially Lucerne and Zürich. Having its peak point so far in the internationally known “SWISS SOCA FESTIVAL”.
To his vast number of references Iray counts not only shows all over Switzerland and a few abroad, but also Mixtape Projects and Engagements as Radio-DJ at Radio 3FACH (Lucerne), RadioIndustrie (Zug & Zürich) and Jam On Radio (since 2017).
In the name of “Uppressor’s Productions” he also proved a good flair for music productions since 2010. For the latest Projekt “Never Stop” (2015) and “Di Alarm” (2018) he collaborated with musicians from all over the world, such as the Reggae Legend Lee Perry, Jamaican Reggae Star Anthony B, Crosby (Southafrica), Straika D (Martinique), Cali P (Guadeloupe/CH), Cookie the Herbalist and he opened also an opportunity for yet unknown artists to prove their talent. 2017 Iray founded the first Swiss Urban Music Radio Station and Switzerland’s very first “Swiss Soca Festival”. In the meantime Selecta/DJ Iray was playing Shows, not only in Switzerland, but also Holland, England, Ghana, Spain, Slovenia or Germany.



Selecta Iray

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