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Dancing through life, Shee was exploring many different dance styles until she came across dancehall. She immediately knew this was the dance expresion she was looking for and so she started to research it through dance and cultural. Her teachers are the best dancehall dancers worldwide (Orville Xpressionz, Latonya Styles, Craig Black Eagles, Famous, Andre Cosmic, Kimiko Versatile, Sri Lanka Rifical, Dancing Rebel … and many more). Shee is currently teaching dancehall classes in Ljubljana, Slovenia and she also held workshops and performed in countries like UK, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and at reggae-dancehall oriented festivals and events such as Overjam International Reggae Festival, Exit Festival, Anthony B concert, Sea Dance Festival, SlovenJah Soundsystem conference, etc. She was also one of the judges of the first Balkan soundclash called the United Balkan Soundclash Cup in 2015 and a promoter for monthly reggae-dancehall parties Phat & Tight in Ljubljana for 3 years. One of the international recognitions is the nomination for jamaican dance awards DanceJa Awards as the best non-jamaican female dancehall dancer in the category Favorite Female Dancer - Global Link. She is the member of two female dance groups - the dancehall crew Dubble Sickz Squad and 3nity, a group that does a verity of dance styles. Her interest in dancehall is much more than just dancing and a vague cultural knowledge. Because of her background in academic cultural studies as her profession she researches it in depth. Besides dancing Shee is also a yoga teacher. Valeria “Ryah” is a dancer and choreographer from Udine (Italy).
Her passion for dance brought her to study many styles, from Modern Jazz to Hip Hop, but her love for Reggae and Dancehall music made her focus on the relative dance style in the last 5 years. 
She’s giving regular classes in different schools in the North East of Italy since 2012 and she thinks that the first rule of being a good teacher is keep being a student and challenging yourself: that’s why she keeps attending Dancehall workshops/camps and she partecipated to many National and international competitions. 
Positive, energetic and charismatic, she has many interests regarding different kinds and techniques of physical activity but she believes that dancing is the best way to free and express yourself, sharing positive vibes with others.



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