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Reggae soul (Italy)

AWA FALL aka Sista Awa - Awa is the new female voice of the reggae sould movement. New album in spring 2018 produced by Bonnot Records

Sista Awa was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1996 from a Senegalese father and an Italian mother. Her musical journey began in 2010, starting to sing soul, blues and original reggae music. In 2014 Awa decided to start a new project as a solo singer. She met the Eazy Skankers band, one of most important reggae bands in Italy. They travelled together a lot, performing at the Overjam, One Love and Rototom Festivals. She released her first solo album, called "Inna dis ya Iwa" (released by Bonnot Music, Good Fellas / Southern distribution). Awa is now working on her new album with the multi-award winning producer Bonnot (General Levy, Dead Prez, Assalit Frontali) and she's ready for her international tour alongside her new reggae band, The Rising Tones or alongside DJ Bonnot for a live set that goes from the roots music, passing through dub music to the jungle!
She performed in 2017 at Dub Gathering, Dub Camp, Overjam and many other festivals, touching 9 different countries in only 3 months.



Awa Fall - artist / Soundrebels - band

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