Kids at Overjam

Dear friends,

festival is slowly approaching and we would like to give you some detailed information about the important details of our festival. This information is about Kids at Overjam.

We are always very happy when we see little kids running around the festival area and see them enjoy themselves. 

We are doing our best to do everything we can in order to keep them happy, entertained and of course - safe. Therefore we would like to make a very important statement once again (although it is listed in the festival ABC) - children of all age are very welcome at our festival, but be a responsible parent or legal guardian and make sure your children wear hearing protection at all times when being near or in front of any stages or in the areas where music is loud!
Please also keep in mind that earplugs that are used a lot on the festival area by us adults are not an efficient and sufficient hearing protection for those little fragile ears. The only hearing protection that should be used is the one that protects the ears sufficiently (similar as the one on the photo). You can rent the hearing protection at our Festival Info point for 15€ (one time rent) for the whole festival.

Wearing hearing protection for children as written above is mandatory; so we have to remind you that anyone who will try to disobey this very strict rule, will be removed from the festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation. 
Please behave responsibly towards your loved ones and obey this rule. Thank you in advance.